R U Ready Self Assessment

This survey provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon what you know about joining the U of S.

1. I can probably get by without buying some of the textbooks for my classes. I don’t need to buy all the required textbooks before classes begin.

2. I want to book my winter vacation but I haven’t gotten my first term final exam schedule yet. I should book my flights anyway because I can get a deferral.

3. The workload at university has been exaggerated and it isn’t going to be that heavy in the first month.

4. If I don’t do well in a class it will affect my overall cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average).

5. My parents or significant other can find out what my grades are by calling my professors or an administrator.

Adopted and used with permission from Carleton University’s Student Experience Office, May 2013; www6.carleton.ca/seo.