ACE Session Registration

Ace Sessions will be at 12:15 PM in the Library unless otherwise stated.

Session 1: Lessons Learned with Dr. Barbara Langhorst and Andrew Hartman

Session 2: Technology and Learning with Andrew Hartman

Session 3: How To Learn Math (ACE Facilitator TBA)

Session 4: Understanding the Teaching and Learning Process in University (Part 1) with Andrew Hartman

Session 5: Making the Learning Process Work For You (Part 2) with Andrew Hartman

Session 6: Grammar Intervention Part 1 with Maury Wrubleski

Session 7: How to Revise a paper with Dr. Barbara Langhorst

Session 8: Grammar Intervention Part 2 with Maury Wrubleski

Session 9: Referencing your Research Paper with Brenda McNabb

Session 10: Prepare for Finals with Dr. Barbara Langhorst

Session 11: Jeopardy Study Sessions (All Disciplines) with Andrew Hartman