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What is the Comfort Care option?

Comfort care refers to set of treatments aimed to preserve the comfort and dignity of the patient with critical illness. Treatments focus on relieving suffering and improving quality of life, even while a person is dying. There are usually fewer tests, fewer tubes and no life support machines or monitors connected to the patient.

A person may receive comfort care at home, in a hospice, or in a palliative care or another ward in hospital.

Reasons to choose Comfort Care:

  • The healthcare team can concentrate on relieving the patient’s pain and other symptoms with drugs and treatments.
  • A patient may prefer to have freedom from treatments and be connected to fewer machines.
  • Healthcare providers also provide focused supportive care to family.

Reasons to avoid Comfort Care:

  • The patient’s critical illness may be temporary or reversible
  • Family members feel very anxious or unsure about whether life support is wanted
  • Without life support, the critically ill patient’s breathing and heart may stop and they may not live as long as they would on life support.

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