ESL Bursary Recommendation

Section VI – To Be Completed by the Applicant’s Graduate Supervisor or Graduate Chair

For a student to be eligible for an ESL bursary, the student’s graduate supervisor or Graduate Chair must recommend them. Please review ’s application below. If you wish to recommend this student for a bursary, fill out the bottom portion of this form and press the “Submit” button. If you do not wish to recommend this student, indicate below under Recommendation and press the “Submit” button.

Describe the stage the student is at in his/her graduate program:

Is the applicant making satisfactory progress in the graduate program?

Indicate as accurately as possible the expected date of degree completion of the applicant’s program . (YYYY/MM/DD)

Choose the course you think would be of the greatest benefit to your student. Please note that we do not offer the Graduate-Level Writing course to first-year Master's students.
  • Advanced Writing & Applied Grammar - students will plish their English grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics through class and individual writing sessions and instructor feedback; will learn how to organize academic essays for university or language proficiency exams.
  • Advanced Spoken English - students will sharpen their speaking and listening skills while developing fluency and expanding their vocabulary; will gain further confidence for work or study through presentations and discussions.
  • Graduate-Level Writing - students will develop and practise skills for writing literature reveiws, research proposals, and research papers; will enhance their academic writing style, formal vocabulary, and mechanics while revising their own portfolio assignment.
  • Pronunciation - students will improve their accent for employment or public speaking

Additional observations about the applicant’s language skills: