COMM357 - Saskatoon NHL Team

This survey is being conducted by a group of students from the Edwards School of Business as a requirement for the Marketing Research class. It is being conducted for Mr. Scott Scissons and its purpose is to examine the interest in and viability of a Saskatoon based NHL team. This survey will ask you questions about your hockey interest as well as how much you would support a Saskatoon NHL franchise. On average, the survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is anonymous. Your participation is also voluntary, and you are free to withdraw with no adverse consequences. Your right to withdraw from the study will apply until you have submitted your responses. When the survey is completed, the data will be analyzed in aggregate and will be presented in a written report to the course instructor and Mr. Scott Scissons. Please note that you have the right to ask questions about this survey before you decide to participate or at any other point during your participation. Please feel free to contact the course instructor, Dr. Dawn Dobni, at the Edwards School of Business, by phone at (306)966-4794 or by e-mail at ddobni@edwards.usask.ca. Completion of the survey signifies that you have understood the above information regarding your participation and that you have agreed to participate.

1.) There has been some talk about the possibility of Saskatoon getting an NHL team. There would be many details to be worked out before this could happen. Would you say you are generally in favour of Saskatoon getting an NHL team or are you generally opposed to it?

2.) Would you consider yourself a fan of NHL hockey?

3.) Do you watch regular season NHL games on TV?

4.) Are you currently loyal to one or more NHL hockey team(s)?

5.) If Saskatoon was to get an NHL team, would you be likely to be loyal to it?

6.) How many NHL hockey teams do you closely follow?

7.) How much would you be willing to pay per ticket to attend a Saskatoon NHL game?

8.) Based on the selected price, in the previous question, on average out of 42 home games how many games per season would you attend?

9.) Would you be interested in purchasing season tickets based on a three (3) year term?

10.) Would you purchase Saskatoon NHL Team branded apparel?

11.) Please rate the importance of each of the following attributes related to a Saskatoon NHL franchise and your loyalty to the team.

Where:                                1 = Not Important                              5 = Very Important 


12.) If government (taxpayer) money was required to be spent to bring an NHL team to Saskatoon would you support that?

13.) What is your gender?

14.) What is your age?

15.) Do you currently live in Saskatoon?

16.) What is your total household income?